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If you price your home correctly from the beginning, you will receive higher offers and a faster sale.

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Home Pricing Tips:

acurate market valueWhen it comes to selling your home in Springfield IL, after the agent you select, the price you set for you home is the most significant decision you will make when selling.

Jim Fulgenzi Sales Force has sold over 1200 homes locally. We know exactly how important pricing is in this very competitive marketplace. In today's real estate market, there is really no short cut when it comes to pricing. Even pricing correctly does not guarantee a sale. Only having professional real estate agents, like the Jim Fulgenzi team, who offer an aggressive marketing plan that is joined with proper pricing, will attract a greater number of qualified home buyers.

Common Home Pricing Mistakes

With Jim Fulgenzi Sales Force, you can come up with a realistic price at fair market value. If you price your home correctly, right from the beginning, you will obtain higher offers and a faster sale. There is no value to your home being an old shopworn listing. Additionally, lenders have wised up and are approving loans faster than the papers can be filled out. Appraisers are facing more scrutiny from banks and lenders than ever before. The bankers want to know that a property is worth the investment. The last thing they want is another foreclosure to add to their growing portfolio. Even if you find a buyer that will overpay for your home, it will still need to appraise for what they agreed to pay for it.

There are many games that can be played on unsuspecting sellers. As strange as it seems, some agents overprice listings on purpose. You are probably asking yourself, “Why would an agent do this? How can they make money if a listing doesn’t sell?”

Many agents will accept overpriced listings for several reasons:

  • Fear of offending you
  • Fear of giving you bad news
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Need for inventory
  • Competition

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

Be very wary of anyone who is willing to tell you everything you want to hear. I believe strongly in giving both the good and the bad news at the beginning of the home selling process. Only when you have all of the information, can you make a truly informed decision.

When you meet with Jim Fulgenzi's team, they will present a pricing and marketing plan that offers your home the most exposure and value to qualified buyers. This will result in a greater chance of your home selling with the minimal amount of inconvenience to you.

Conventional wisdom teaches agents to do what an appraiser does. Look at the three most current sales, compare them to your home and determine a value, based on how your home compares. Well frankly, the appraiser doesn’t have to prove his value was right; we do, when we sell the home. We look at recent sales and other properties currently for sale that you will be competing with. After all, this is a very serious competition that you need to win to maximize your sale price. Jim Fulgenzi Sales Force have a long track record of success, built upon the referrals of past clients.

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