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Finding Midcentury Modern Home Listings in Springfield, IL

Homes for Sale Springfield, IL

People of all ages are creating a demand for Midcentury modern resale homes in Springfield, Illinois and around the country. If you are searching Midcentury modern home listings, it may be difficult to track down resale homes with that Frank Lloyd Wright design and feel. According to an article by Houzz, interest in the Midcentury modern design has blossomed in the digital age of technology.

While some people search for Midcentury modern furniture and nostalgic décor, other people are house hunting for homes built in the 1950s and ‘60s with flat and gable roofs. Springfield, ILL and surrounding cities are home to many homes built during that era. If you have a bit of an obsession for Midcentury modern architecture, an experienced realtor in Springfield can help you locate one that’s in your price range. Modern homes have certain characteristics that make them stand out.

  • Letting the light in

Modern homes often have floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights, atriums, balconies and/or decks. Windows are designed to provide expansive views of the scenic outdoors as well as bring in natural light. Some modern homes in Springfield have views of lakes as well as private pools for enjoying the outdoors. Good finds include homes with clerestory windows set high in the wall that preserve privacy while still bringing in light.

  • Opening up the space

Many contemporary homes have open space floor plans, which is just one reason new construction is booming. Midcentury modern homes also have kitchens that open to the living and dining areas. Social activity is often set around a fireplace. A lot of retirees are nostalgic about homes built in the 1950s and 1960s because they remind them of their happy childhoods when life was perhaps more predictable.

Midcentury/modern home listings may be difficult to find because of the resurgence in the modern style, but there are several variations of the homes that can suit people who like the minimalist interior design look. At Jim Fulgenzi & Co., we help house hunters in Rochester, Chatham, Springfield and Central Illinois find the style of home that meets everything on their must-have list and more. For more information on Midcentury modern and other styles of homes, please contact us.

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