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How to Sell my Home as a Pet Owner

Are you thinking about getting ready to "sell my home?" If so, you will want to be sure that you are aware of what to do to attract as many home buyers as possible, and as a pet owner, this means getting rid of the signs of pets. Home buyers do not like signs of pets in a home because it could indicate a number of things, such as bad smells, pests are around, such as fleas, or that there are other damages, such as scratching that can be found around the home.

Here are the three things you need to do as a pet owner to attract home buyers to your home, even those who are not fans of pets whatsoever:

  • Keep Cat Litter or Doggy Pads Away: Before showing your home, these items need to be cleaned thoroughly. Even then, you want to be sure that they are kept away, such as outside hidden underneath something, like a box. Most likely, your pet can avoid having to use the bathroom during the time you have a home buyer looking at the home.
  • Get Rid of the Smell: Since you have lived with your pets in the home for an extended period of time, you may not have noticed the smell that they have produced, even if it is slight. Have a neighbor come over to let you know whether or not your home needs some serious air freshening or not. However, do not use air fresheners since they can cause allergic reactions. Instead, consider natural products that help to neutralize the air.
  • Put Your Pets in a Carrier: When you are showing your home, your pets should be put away. You can leave a note that lets home buyers know you have pets in the carriers that should be left alone.

For more information about selling your home, contact us. We can help sell your home in the Springfield IL area as quickly as possible, despite the number of pets you have living there.

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