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Finding Charming Central IL Home Listings for Downsizing

A new housing market trend is micro-housing or the tiny house movement. Baby boomers who want to downsize in retirement and younger people with green attitudes in Central, IL may find a variety of charming bungalow, condos, duplexes and other smaller home listings. According to a recent article by The Tiny Life, the typical American home is about 2,600 square feet. People choose a tiny house because they are concerned about the environment and/or want to save money. Of course, not every tiny home in Rochester, Chatham or Springfield, IL is inexpensive. However, smaller living quarters may appeal to minimalists who want to simplify their lives as well as retirees who travel a lot. When house hunting for a smaller home, look at several key factors.

An open floor plan

If you choose a villa, townhome, condo or single-family home with an open floor plan, you won’t feel as closed even though you have less space to clean and keep tidy. In Rochester, IL, you may be able to find home listings that include duplexes with open floor plans.

Outdoor living space

Make sure the home you purchase has some kind of outdoor living space. A porch, balcony or deck can expand the living space. Retirees who are looking to downsize may consider villas in Chatham, IL that offer snow removal and lawn mowing. Some condo home listings in Springfield, IL also feature private feature courtyards.

Space-saving features

Other space-saving features that are common in micro-homes and smaller houses include galley kitchens and living/dining room combos or “flex rooms.” If you only use a formal dining room for the holidays, consider setting it up as an office or living room January through October and re-arranging furniture for the holiday months of November and December.

When searching home listings for downsizing, search for bungalows. Many Springfield bungalows are convenient to the downtown. Another advantage of the older bungalows is that they often have original hardwood floors. To save money on repairs and renovations, search home listings for ones that include a new roof, new appliances or finished basements.

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