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Reasons Why Buyers Can't Commit to Buying a Home

You made the decision to purchase a new home (or your first home) and start looking for houses. As you browse, it's easy to be overwhelmed. You think twice about buying a home. It's normal to feel this way, but this takes over for lots of buyers discouraging them from making a fantastic choice.

  1. Forgetfulness: Buyers are looking at so many homes that it's confusing to remember the details of each one. Avoid this by writing down positives and negatives of each home after you seen it. You can also take pictures and video if the realtor allows it.
  2. Flaws: There's something wrong with every home if you really look for it. You love the large kitchen and bathrooms but there's no garage. You love the outdoor space but despise carpet floors. Buyers will remember imperfections if they don't remember anything else. You'll never buy a home when you focus too much on flaws.
  3. Compromise: If more than one person is buying the home together, compromising is a problem. You like one home, but the other person like another home. Search for a home both of you love.
  4. Price: The cost always makes us hesitant. Buyers worry about it being too expensive, too inexpensive/too good to be true or negotiating a fair deal with the seller. Buyers also worry about paying the monthly mortgage payments.
  5. Mortgage: Making the monthly mortgage payments is difficult if you cannot obtain a mortgage. Lenders and banks are cracking down on issuing mortgages to homeowners. Very few people receive mortgages for the price they are asking.
  6. Realtor: Many realtors look out for both the seller and buyer's best interests, but not all of them. Some look out for the seller only. Others look out for their commission by undercutting both the seller and buyer with sneaky tactics. If a realtor is forcing you to do something you don't want to do, find another realtor.
  7. Cold feet: Last minute hesitant thoughts of home ownerships may force buyers to backtrack before it's too late. If you truly want it, you won't hesitate.
  8. These deterrents will continue to keep us in circles. It comes down to making a sound decision and being firm in the final choice. It also means you're willing to bend on one or two of those listed and being happy with what you don't have. Contact us for more information on home buying tips and tricks.

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