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4 Updates That Can Hurt Your Home's Value Instead Of Improving It in Springfield, IL

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As you prepare to sell your home in Springfield IL, there are obvious repairs and upgrades you will need to make, such as, adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls or updating the hardware on your kitchen cabinets. While these simple improvements can add value to your home, there are certain enhancements that aren't worth investing your money in. Below we'll discuss 4 renovations that could turn potential buyers off.

Extensive Landscaping

While curve appeal is crucial to selling your home, you don't want your landscaping to be over the top in your front yard or your backyard. Adding a large number of decorative trees and plants may initially attract a buyers eye, but many individuals may see high-maintenance landscaping as an unwanted expense and more work than they are willing to take on. Keeping your yard simple and well groomed is your best option when it comes to drawing the interest of potential home buyers. A green, mowed lawn and healthy looking trees and bushes are as far as your landscaping improvements need to go.

Disproportionate Renovations

If you decide to completely renovate a room in your home, be sure the upgrades don't make the rest of your house appear outdated. For instance, a modern kitchen, equipped with top-end appliances can create an unbalance in your properties appearance, and while buyers may be impressed with the room's look, they may also end up viewing the rest of your home as a let down. When it comes to remodeling rooms, doing smaller improvements in multiple areas is a better investment.

Unique Design Choices

Painting your rooms bold colors or choosing uncommon flooring can quickly backfire on you. When you're selling your home, the upgrades you make, should stay in the neutral zone. Otherwise, a buyer entering your property will most likely see these choices as designs they will need to fix which equals larger expenses for them.

A Swimming Pool

Adding a pool to your backyard to up the value of your home may sound like a good idea, but in reality the addition may cause home buyers to scratch your property off their list of potential purchases. Like high-end landscaping, a pool often translates to an extra expense, and potential buyers with small children may also see it as a hazard. Before selling your home, It"s essential that you research the pros and cons of making certain updates. If you're unsure of which improvements are beneficial and which are not, please contact us and we can help you make the right decisions before placing your home on the market.

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