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Property Marketing: Exterior Improvements to Entice Buyers

Curb Appeal Sells Homes in St. Louis

You are not just selling your house. You are engaging in property marketing. Some potential home buyers may be more psychologically drawn to making an offer on your home due to what they see on the property surrounding that home than the domicile itself. If you are overlooking this essential marketing tool when putting your home up for sale, you may be missing out on a vital segment.

Illuminate Walkways

Property marketing for a home sale is 24/7 business. You never know when a potential buyer may pass by and see something they like. You could quite literally make the sale in the middle of the night while you sleep. Investing in some decorative outdoor lighting that illuminates the walkway to your door just may result in buyers making their way up that path the next day.

Paint the Front Door

If you can paint your front door, go ahead and do it. In a color that not only makes it stand out from the rest of the house, but stimulates a positive psychological effect. Pick a bright color that screams out "this is a happy place to live." You just might be surprised at how effective such a blatantly cosmetic improvement can be.

Update Your Gate

A nice fence is certainly a selling point, but that positive quality can quickly be diminished by a rusty old gate. Check into the affordability of a wrought iron upgrade or even just a nicer replacement of the gate you've already got. If your property is gated by an oversized swinging gate, consider replacing it with a double gate, which might be more preferable to buyers.


Brand new shutters tend to get noticed by home buyers precisely because they are so rare on an older home. Look around your neighborhood and count how shutters are missing, falling off, damaged or just marred by cracked or peeling paint. Installing a brand new set of shutters or at least doing some maintenance on existing shutters property marketing at its most cost-effective. You can nearly guarantee the return you get in terms of buyer interest is more than worth the price.

Refacing Steps

Putting a brand new face on old steps need not be terribly expensive and can have the effect of making your home look much newer. For possibly as little as $500 you can transform old and old-looking concrete steps into something that looks like beautiful set of brand new brick or slate steps. Even better: for many homeowners this can be a DIY job done over a weekend. The payoff in property marketing terms could very possibly be greater than a much more expensive investment inside the home that many potential buyers driving past the house never even see.

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