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5 Things You Should Inspect Before Buying a Home in Springfield, IL

Do-It-Yourself Home Inspection

While hiring an inspector to walk through a home before you purchase it is crucial, checking a few basic areas yourself can provide you with further purchasing security. Listed below are 5 fundamental inspections that can alert you to any minor or major issues before buying a home in Springfield, IL.

  • Open the windows. Take the time to open every window as you walk through the home. Finding out a handful of the windows stick or don't open at all once you've moved in can put a real dent in your wallet. Replacing windows is anything but cheap and finding out there is a problem before finalizing the purchase can help in your negotiations.
  • Flush the toilets. Throw some toilet paper in each toilet and flush it to ensure everything goes down without a problem. After performing this quick test, make sure the toilet is level and there are no gaps between the base and the floor. Before walking away, try wiggling the entire toilet. If it moves, it's not installed properly and there could be an existing leak.
  • Check the drains. Fill bathtubs and sinks with water and allowing them to drain. If the drainage seems slow, you may want to hire a professional sewer inspector. Getting the sewage system checked before purchasing your dream home can save you from spending thousands of dollars in necessary repairs.
  • Look behind furniture and appliances. A properly placed couch or picture can hide stains, holes, or even evidence of mold. Taking a look behind major appliances and under kitchen or laundry room sinks can alert you to leaks or other issues that may go unnoticed.
  • Talk to the neighbors. If you see a few neighbors outside, don't be shy, introduce yourself and have a friendly conversation. They may provide you with some surprising information on the home you're about to purchase and the neighborhood surrounding it.

If you're looking for more home buying tips, please contact us, and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

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