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Staging Your Home To Sell

Pleasant Smells Sell

It sounds contradictory; odor drives people away from the home and into the arms of another one. The right smell can lure people in here faster than a speeding bullet. An idea to sell my home is to use the trick of smell. Pleasant smells sells. The difference is the wrong smell can still drive people away even if the smell is for good intentions.


Sellers don't know what their house smells like because they have added their own smell to it. Terrible odors blend in the home and sellers are used to the odor. A second opinion can really shake things up. Your family and friends can tell you what smells good and what doesn't, and they also can tell you if the home smells awful. Even after all the trouble the buyer can still come in and not like the smell therefore passing up the home.

What not to use? Perfume and chemicals. Perfumes are tricky; what smells good to you is loud, unpleasant or allergic to others. Stay away from perfumes altogether. The obvious wrong answers for chemical smells are bleach and cleaning products; however, there are chemicals that are supposed to smell pleasant. Scented candles, air fresheners, spray cans and plug-ins smell good but are chemicals to the core. What smells good to you will make someone else have a migraine. Another no-no is using chemicals to cover up a bad smell. It's a disastrous result. Use soap and water to eliminate the bad smell<?strong>. Use vinegar to kill strong odors. Baking soda is a great odor eliminator that makes the home smell neutral. This gives sellers an opportunity to go for a fresh scent that isn't made from a factory.

A good idea is to use smells that everyone likes and recognizes. Chocolate chip cookies and bread are the best choices for warm and inviting goodness. Citrus fruit, pine (Christmas holidays only), cinnamon, vanilla extract and flowers are three more welcomed choices. Flowers of choice are lavender, roses, rosemary and eucalyptus.

Good odors really get the senses going for buyers. It sets the mood for whatever vision they have about the house and multiplies it by infinity. It triggers memories of their past and bring pleasant thoughts to mind. That's something they won't forget when buyers are making buying decisions. Contact us for more information on the sweet smell of success.

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