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3 Tips To Prevent Buyer’s Remorse When You Buy a Home in Springfield IL

Home Buying Tips: Avoiding Home Buyers Remorse

Buying a home is a serious business. It’s usually a commitment of many years, possibly about half your life. This is why buyers sometimes get buyer’s remorse after making an offer, while there is still time to withdraw it. When the sale is still under attorney review, buyers sometimes back out, which can leave the seller in the lurch. If you’re a nervous buyer, read on for a few tips before you buy a home in Springfield IL.


  1. Do you love it? When you first saw that house or apartment, did you think, “This is great. I’d love to live here.” Or did you think, “Hmm, it has possibilities but the living room is too small and it’s way too expensive for that price.” People might think that a particular house or apartment has many advantages. But are those the advantages that appeal to you? Or are you looking for something different?
  2. Are you ready to pay the price? Maybe you love a certain house or apartment but it’s definitely more than you wanted to pay, either because of the location or because of the size. In that case, it might be ok to look around some more and see if there’s something else that you could love equally but that costs less. Going to see a home that’s out of your budget is like trying on a designer dress you can’t afford. It’s going to remain stuck in your head for a long time and you’ll keep comparing all other places you see to it. So if something is really out of your range, don’t go to see it.
  3. Will it suit your needs five or ten years down the line? Sure, a house or an apartment may seem perfect right now. But if your family might expand in the next few years, you need to take that into consideration before you buy. On the other hand, if your children are growing up and about to go to college, do you really want to get a huge house that you’ll have to maintain by yourself in their absence? You might want to get something smaller instead, with a guest room or two thrown in, for when they visit.

So if you’re a nervous buyer, make sure you really love your home, are ready to pay the price and think it will serve your purposes down the line. Contact us for more tips on home buying and selling.

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