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After You buy a Home in Springfield, Illinois, Prepare an Emergency Supplies Kit

When you buy a home in Springfield, Illinois, you think about what updates you want to make to the interior and the furniture you want to buy to fill the empty spaces. One thing you may neglect but which you also absolutely need is an emergency supplies kit.

This kit can help you and your weather any calamity while remaining in your home. You can buy one from a camping store, or put together your own at a much lower cost by including the following supplies:


  • At least three days supply of non-perishables for each person. While canned goods work, they tend to be heavy if you need to move them, and they require a manual can opener. Consider buying lightweight camping food or MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) at a sporting good store.
  • At least three days of water in a watertight container. Each person needs about a gallon per day for both sanitation and drinking.
  • Hand-cranked or solar-powered flashlight and radio. Combination models save space. You can also use battery-powered versions but be sure to include working batteries.
  • First aid kit, whistle to call for help, dust mask to screen any harmful air, and latex or work gloves to handle debris.
  • Garbage bags, plastic ties, toilet paper, paper towels, and moist towelettes for sanitation.
  • Pliers or wrench to turn off utilities. Be sure to instruct all family member on how to do this because you don't know who will be left at home during a disaster.

Put everything in backpacks that are light enough for each person to carry in case you have to evacuate your house. Putting emergency kits in each car is also helpful in case you are stuck on the road.

For more information on how to buy a home and what to do after, please contact us.

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