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Cold Weather Offers More Opportunities to Sell a Home

Tips on selling a home in the cold weather

Summer is the big season for real estate in Springfield, Illinois, and all around the country. The daylight hours are longer, which means more viewing time for homes. And the weather is nicer, so buyers can get a better look outside a property. However, fall and winter don't mean you shouldn't try to sell a home. Cold weather offers opportunities that warmer days don't.


For one thing, you have less competition because most other sellers will have pulled their property off the market. For another, you take advantage of a whole new audience. People who used to live here will be coming back for the holidays or for reunions. They might make their return permanent if they buy your home.

The colder weather does present challenges. You need to keep the path to your front door free of fallen leaves and snow. Otherwise, potential buyers won't be able to get through to the inside. Caulk and weatherstrip around any areas where you feel drafts. Cold air is noticeable in a warm room – buyers who feel it will wonder if you have insulation problems.

Remind visitors of happy times at home by decorating for the holidays. Put up pumpkins, wreaths, or a Christmas tree as appropriate. Keep a fire going in the fireplace for any showings. Allow the smell of gingerbread cookies and apple pie to waft through the home by baking those goodies. Offer a bowl of warm spiced apple cider to refresh the bodies of potential buyers.

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