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Pack Correctly for a Successful Move

Moving Tips: How to Pack

Moving from one place to another involves packing. Correct packing is a big portion of moving. Incorrect packaging results in lost items, broken items and unnecessary stress. Throwing everything in boxes is easy during packing, but it will come back to haunt you when you unpack. It's important to take our time to pack items correctly. Throw away items you don’t need and pack the ones you do need.


Look around the home and toss anything you don't want. Be honest. As you're packing you'll begin to throw away items because the thought of lugging that around will get to you. Make the choice of giving those items to charity, reusing the items for something else or tossing it in the trash.

Pack items the right way with these tips:

  • Use small boxes for heavy items and large boxes for light items. Large heavy boxes are hard to pick up by movers.
  • Pack the boxes to the top. Never leave space inside the box because it makes stacking the box unbalanced in the moving truck.
  • Pack items from the same room in the same box. Having a box for dishes and another box for clothing makes packing and unpacking easier.
  • Label boxes by room and list of contents. You'll know what's in each box without opening it, and you'll know where to go to unpack the contents.
  • Tape boxes well. Taping boxes means taping the top and bottom. That avoids items from falling out. Wrap tape around the top and bottom of the box. Wrap tape around top and bottom edges of the box because more stress comes from those edges.
  • Handle breakables with care. Breakables like china and glass must be handled delicately. Wrap packing paper around each breakable. Wrap bundles of wrapped breakables together with more packing paper. Dishes must be packed on the side not flat. Add packing paper in between dishes, cups and bowls. Take three to four of each and wrap them in a bundle with wrapping paper.
  • Handle other items with care. Wrap mattresses and box springs with mattress coverings. Furniture must be wrapped with furniture pads. Plasma TV must be wrapped in the original box or in wooden creates. Handle expensive art separately with the mover's help.

Any real estate company will tell you the biggest mistakes people make when moving is packing too late and too early. Packing should be done as soon as you're notified to move or when the home is found. Packing too early results in seeing boxes longer than needed, attracting rodents and opening the box prematurely to get needed items. Packing at the last minute will result in being disorganized through rushing. Planning to pack is the best solution for everyone involved. Contact us for more information on real estate.

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