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When People Buy a Home, They Buy the Neighborhood Too

"Pay attention to your surroundings when purchasing a new home"

Buyers are so focused on their dream home that they fail to realize their surroundings. The neighborhood is just as important as the house. What’s the point of purchasing a home if the neighborhood is a nightmare? Understand that when you buy a home you buy the neighborhood too. If there's anything wrong with the neighborhood you will be caught in the middle of it.



Neighborhood appearance is everything. Look at how the homes look; they should look the same in terms of appearance. Houses that stand out from the look of the neighborhood don't sell well. They all should look professional and spotless. The neighborhood should look full. If there's too many For Sale signs, stay away. It's a sign of a bad neighborhood (and people are moving out) or a renovation (eminent domain).


No one wants to live in an area where crime is normal. It's not alright to have your car broken into and your home burglarized. Drugs, prostitution and gunshots is not alright either. Look online for crime statistics in the area. Check the zip code in the new area and compare it with the old zip code. You can tell if a neighborhood is a crime area when you see bars on the windows and doors, gang graffiti on walkways and walls, and boarded houses. The police department and realtor can also assist with crime statistics.

Crime also includes sex offenders. Parents with children have a right to know if one is living in their area so check with police for the information. By law sex offenders must let police know where they are at all times. You can also go online to look up where sex offenders are located.


Parents with children have to find a home with a good school nearby. Neighborhoods near good schools will attract buyers because their children's education is their top priority. The realtor can tell you if there are schools in the area and how good it is. Take a tour of the school and read online reviews to get a general idea of the positives and negatives of the school.

Noise and Traffic

No neighborhood is noise-free. There are some noises you don't have to tolerate, however. Noisy neighbors, noises from animals and passersby, airplane sounds, festivals, train noise and gunshots are all things to listen for. A good idea is to drive in the neighborhood where the home is. Drive through the neighborhood in the morning, afternoon, during rush hour and at night. Notice the traffic during those times. Are the sounds you hear tolerable? Go during the weekday and the weekends.

Public services

The city should do everything it can to keep the neighborhood clean, neat and accessible. Are the streets clean? Is it clean every time you drive over there? Look for the nearest police station, fire station, libraries, and public transportation in case you need it. Also look for other important places such as hospitals, stores, laundromats, restaurants and amenities you're interested in.

Close to two-thirds of home buyers see the neighborhood as the most important component when selecting a home. Go ahead and look for the dream home. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you can live in the neighborhood. After all you are the one that's going to deal with any problems. There's no perfect neighborhood, but you can come close. Contact us for more information on house hunting and buying a home.

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