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A Clutter Free Home Will Sell Faster in Springfield, Illinois

Key Areas To Clean Before Putting Your Home on the Market

If you have decided to sell your home in Springfield, Illinois, clutter is now your newest nemesis. Clutter is a distraction that home buyers often have a hard time looking past. Eliminating it throughout your house allows buyers to see your home's full potential. You will benefit by removing any clutter from the following areas in your home.


Main living space

Whether it's your living room or the master bedroom, having too many pieces of furniture in the space can make it seem small and cramped. When a potential buyer walks into your home, you do not want them to feel overwhelmed by your belongings. Removing a few pieces of furniture from each room can help your house appear more spacious. This process may feel daunting, and choosing items to place in storage is easier said than done, but remember your ultimate goal is to sell your home, and a cluttered room will often repel buyers.

If you are struggling with which objects to remove, flip through a few design magazines, or visit model homes in your area, and take notes on furniture placement and how it affects the flow of the rooms. Once you've done that, reevaluate the rooms in your home, and take out any items that are convenient, but truly unnecessary. You want to give buyers the opportunity to picture their own furnishings in the space, which means the less furniture the better.

Storage Areas

People love storage space. Cleaning out your garage, basement or backyard shed allows buyers to see the potential in your homes storage capacity. After years of living in one house, the number of objects you put in storage areas can easily grow out of control. It is crucial you take the time to sort through your garage and basement and remove as much clutter as possible. An overcrowded storage space tells buyers your home has an inadequate amount of room for their extra belongings. To help rid your home of the extra clutter, have a garage sell or rent a storage locker until your home is sold and you've moved into your new property.


Who doesn't have shoes and clothes in their closet that they haven't worn for years? In your everyday life, this may not be a problem, but when you're trying to sell your home, an overflowing closet is unattractive to buyers. Packing away clothes and shoes that you don't wear or garments that you won't need for a few months will allow buyers to fully appreciate the closet space your home offers.


Often a kitchen is considered the heart of a home. Whether the space is used strictly for cooking, or it doubles as a gathering space for family and friends, kitchen counters and cabinets have a tendency to become cluttered. As buyers tour your home, make sure your counters are clear of all objects. You want buyers to see the amount of counter space your kitchen has. The storage a kitchen provides is another big selling point. Buyers will open your cabinets, so keeping them clutter free and organized is vital. Like the closets and storage areas in your home, if your cabinets look jam-packed, potential buyers will question if the kitchen has enough room for their things.

If you are looking for more tips on how to successfully sell your home, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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