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Don't Make These Common Mistakes When You Buy A Home

Avoid common home buying mistakes with these tips!

With “For Sale” signs sprouting like weeds all over the place and interest rates still affordable, you're eager to enter the Springfield, Illinois, housing market. Follow a few guidelines so you can avoid some common mistakes that home buyers make.

Not knowing what you can afford. Going house-hunting without knowing what you can afford is like going grocery-shopping without your wallet. You may like what you see but you'll be disappointed because you have no money to buy it. Contact a mortgage broker or banker to be prequalified. They look at your down payment, income, finances, and current rates so we can tell you what price house you should be looking for. You can then contact us to show you homes within that range.

Not budgeting for all your housing expenses. Your monthly payment for a house involves more than the principle and interest. You'll also be paying for property taxes, insurance, utilities, and homeowners association (in some cases). You may need to set aside money for repairs and regular maintenance, such as exterior painting, fixing up the yard, and cleaning the yard. If you intend on remodeling, such as adding new kitchen cabinets, that has to be factored into your expenses as well.

Assuming your first offer will be accepted. Almost nobody accepts a first offer unless the seller is truly desperate or he priced his home too low for the market. Buyers typically offer lower than what they expect to pay while sellers counter. The process continues until a final price is negotiated. An exception to this is when a house has multiple offers. In that case, your first offer generally has to be your best one.

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