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Use Your Connections to Sell My Home

What Can You Do to Help Sell Your Home Faster?

A realtor can help with bringing people to your home. They can show them around and encourage them to buy. Since you can't read a buyer's mind it’s hard to figure out what they think of your home. While you're waiting for a sale, tap into another resource: your network. Friends, family, neighbors and business partners may know someone who's interested in buying a home. Lean those people in your direction for a better chance of getting your home sold.


The power of networking is an amazing tool. It's used to get a jump on job opportunities and score inside tips while you help them in return. It's always about who you know, so why don't you tap into this network of amazing people to get your home sold? Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool that works. A person in your network will listen to your opinion faster than a realtor. There's no agenda and no pressure to purchase it now. Let them know to contact your realtor and let the realtor take care of the rest. It's a great way to get the word out.

Everyone is meeting new people everyday online, so go there to sell my home. Connect to your network though social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. These major sites will make a huge difference in spreading the word because they get the most traffic. One post or tweet will spread to your friends, their friends and their friends in minutes. Take pictures of your home, list your home on your website and provide a link, show it off with video, or just talk about it. You will get responses, so sort it out between actual offers, home viewing schedules and general comments.

List your home on major real estate websites too. Those sites garner buyers who are looking for homes. Make sure the website has a lot of traffic. It's a waste of time otherwise. If you prefer use the URL of your listing and pass it around to your social media network. For a fee you can get your home listed on an MLS website for more exposure. Send that URL to your network as well.

As always tell your connections the location of the home, number of bedrooms/bathrooms it has, and the price. Be sure to offer a good reason why your home is better than the others on the market. contact us for more information on ways to sell your home.

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