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How to Sell a Home Faster and for More Money by Staging

How can staging help me sell my home?

When home buyers evaluate your home as a potential purchase, they want to get the best house that their money can afford. You can certainly fulfill that need by spending tens of thousands on wood flooring, the latest appliances, and structural changes for a more open look. However, you won’t get back the money that you put into these improvements, especially if you do them a few weeks before the open house.


A more cost effective alternative is to stage the home, or make it look like inviting and comfortable, like a model home would. (Your house can sell faster and for a higher price.) Consider that buyers want something new, spacious and personal. Start by eliminating anything that takes up space: large pieces of antique furniture, knick-knacks, artwork, family pictures, and collections of Elvis memorabilia. Replace them with modern minimalist pieces –- if you can’t afford to rent them by the month, borrow them from friends, relatives and neighbors. Without all the extraneous clutter, your rooms will suddenly appear larger.

Repair any minor items that are visible, such as ceiling cracks, lose floorboards, or leaky faucets. Buyers usually overestimate the cost of repairs, which can impact their offer price. Even the smallest flaws will make them wonder what’s wrong in areas that they can’t see. A fresh coat of paint can make repairs invisible on walls and ceilings.

Give every space a thorough cleaning until it shines. A 20-year old window that is sparkling looks newer, bigger and brighter than a one-year old installation that’s caked with dirt and grime. Don’t forget to take care of what’s hidden behind closet doors or otherwise inaccessible. Buyers like to open everything up for inspection and will notice that pile of dirt behind a drawer.

For more tips on staging your living space, or help on how to sell a home, contact us.

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