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Add Virtual Tours to Homes For Sale in rochester IL

Using Virtual Tours to sell homes

Home sellers need to do whatever they can to sell their home. A unique way to give people a tour of the home is called virtual tours. Virtual tours give buyers a realistic tour of your home without leaving the computer. It's a great way for buyers to look at every section of your home and decide if they want to see it in person. It's something to add to homes for sale in rochester il listings, MLS number and social media.

How do virtual tours work?

Virtual tours come in a 360 degree view and allow buyers a first glimpse into the home interior. Some 360 views are flat-screen; a moving image that is for looking only. Others are interactive; a click of the mouse lets buyers look at everything from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between. The best photos in the virtual tour should be ones with focus and viewpoints. It has no furniture or clutter to make the area look spacious. Each room is filmed, buyers can examine the photo in every way (zoom in, zoom out, spin, etc) without limitation, and doorways are eliminated. There are free and for-fee online sites that will create a virtual home for you with their software. You can let a professional take photographs and create the virtual home. You can also take the photos yourself and let a professional take care of the rest.

Why should I include a virtual tour?

The main feature of a virtual tour is spins. Spins is how many times buyers can see a room or the entire home in 360 degree view. Two spins means the entire home or a room can be seen 360 degrees two times. Virtual tours take two spins minimum, and that's great for most homes on the market today. For more spins the price tag goes up. Medium homes (2,000 sq. ft. minimum) allow four to eight spins because the space is bigger. Eight to twelve spins are reserved for homes priced at over a million dollars. This is just for the flat-screen; interactive 'click of a mouse' tours cost more. Optional features are text and audio. Choose between descriptive and scrolling text. Descriptive text describes the room in the comments section below the video. Scrolling text describes the room as you watch the tour. It attaches to the video and viewed at the bottom of the screen. Audio is speaking during the virtual tour through voiceover.

Virtual tours are great for homes because it's a visual way (besides photos) to see your home. It expands your reach beyond the buyers in your area, and eliminates buyers who aren't interested in seeing the home in person. Add this to your marketing techniques for selling your home. Contact us for more information on selling your home.

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