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Why it's taking so long to sell my home?

Your home has been on the market for a long time. You've noticed that For Sale signs are removed from the competition's home, but not your home. Now is the time to evaluate your home and figure out what to do next.


Overpricing your home is the biggest mistake sellers make. Today's real estate market is not about making a profit, but to convince buyers to purchase your home. The trends of the competition and the market may not be in your favor, but to sell my home you may have to budge. There are too many sellers and not enough buyers. Be prepared to price the home at your initial buying price or lower. Buyers may not pay that price once the bids come in, but if you want your home sold, prepare to be disappointed.


The internet is changing the way homes are found. Everyone wants to see a photo before they look at a home. No photos hurt your chances of getting a walk-through; forget the chances of getting a home sold. Not enough photographs (plenty of interior rooms, the front exterior, side exterior and back exterior of the home) shows buyers you have something to hide. Lack of quality photos shows that your home is not up to standard. Don't have few photos online, but don't add every photo online either. Focus on the positives.

Lack of Exposure

Placing your home only on Craigslist or only in newspapers is not enough exposure to get your home sold. Market your home in as many places as possible. More websites and newspapers means more exposure, and when you add flyers, open houses, virtual tours, agents' website, MLS and social media, that is way more exposure than where you started. Place forth an effort to sell your home.

Curb and Interior Appeal

No amount of advertising or photos will save you from a face-to-face walk through. If buyers see your home in poor condition, it is not going to sell. If you don't put forth an effort to fix up the home, it won't sell. Fix holes, tears and leaks in the interior. Worn down homes isn't the only thing that turns people away. Cut your grass and get your landscaping in order. It's important to compete with other homes in your neighborhood to get your home sold. If their home looks good, yours should too.

The Agent

You can do everything right, but the problem may be the company you keep. Some agents aren't interested in selling your home, but trying to make a profit for themselves. Others just don't care or can't make a decision. Those agents are wasting your time, so get a new one.

Sometimes the reason may be beyond your control. Poor location, a fluctuating market or a new housing development opening up can cause the downturn. The point is to figure out what is wrong and make it right. Contact us for more information on how to sell your home.

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