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Tips to Write Great Home Listings

Words in a home listing are just as important as the photos that accompany it. The right words can bring people to the home for viewing. The wrong words can turn people off and leave your home rotting away. Write the best listing for any home by learning what to emphasize and what to reduce.



  • Specifics: What people are looking for is bedroom count, bathrooms, amenities, new renovations and current condition. People like reading words like 'granite,' 'maple,' or 'wood' because it describes what countertops, floors, cabinets and doors are made from. That piques their interest. When writing specifics write it based on the customer would like, not what you like. A good idea is to get a second pair of eyes examining the home and telling you what they like. Another idea is to read competitors’ ads for inspiration.

  • Fixer-upper homes: Don't be ashamed to say that the home needs work, but don't let the whole listing be about how your home needs fixing either. List the word 'fixer' because some buyers are looking for those kinds of properties. You'll attract someone. Mention it and then mention the good things about the home. Say it in ways that makes it attractive. Words like 'redevelopment opportunity' works well. Writing the word 'bargain' when the home is near a school or popular stores/restaurants work fine too.

  • Neighborhood: The ad isn't limited to the home. Describe the neighborhood. Give an overall, yet accurate and non-offensive description of the neighborhood ambiance.

  • Lifestyle: Explain the quality of life the home brings, if any.


  • Exaggeration. More than half of home listings in newspapers and online websites beef up features. Saying the home is in mint condition when there are flaws or listing three bedrooms when it's really two rooms and a den sounds like a nifty idea. However, this tactic can turn off smart and savvy buyers because they are not falling for it. Once buyers enter the home they can see every flaw and every room as is. Over-exaggerating the location (saying it’s in a quiet part of the city when it's actually near a school or in a noisy location) will hurt chances of getting your home sold too.

  • Words of praise: Positive words won't make a difference in getting the home sold. The only thing stuffing words like 'spacious,' 'fantastic,' 'awesome.' or 'clean' is doing is taking up space in the ad. The word 'luxury' and 'contemporary' doesn't convey anything to the reader.

  • Adding emotion: Let the words show happiness or passion to the reader. Don't tell them that in the ad. Don't say things like 'you'll love your new home' or 'you'll love the backyard.' This is an assumption that may not translate to the reader. This leads to the next point...

  • Ideal buyer descriptions: The goal of selling a home is to sell it. It doesn't matter who the buyer is. So describing your ideal buyer in the ad will turn off buyers who want the home because they know the home is not for them. This leads to the last point…

  • Discriminating claims: Sellers don't purposely write discriminating words or phrases, but words that are written can be offensive enough to qualify as discriminatory. When you write with the ideal buyer in mind, this is what happens. Don't use words that may offend or exclude race, religion, sex, orientation, disabilities, nationality or financial status. Using a school or church to promote your ad is wrong because it is not guaranteed that you would want to go to that church or attend that school. Another example is mentioning wood floors are 'hard wood' when it could be 'soft wood.’

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