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Ease Children's Anxiety About Moving

Families relocating to Springfield may worry about more than just buying a home. Families with children may also worry about the impact of the move on their sons and daughters. The transition from one city to another or even from one neighborhood to another may disrupt routines and friendships.

Depending on the circumstances of the move (for example, divorce or a financial hardship), this transition may be even more stressful. However, a few smart strategies, summarized from the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychology, can smooth rough changes.

1. Introduce children to the area beforehand.

If it is not possible to bring the entire family to tour the area, study city maps together. Highlight routes from the new home to the child's school or to parks and recreational areas. Find photographs and videos online. Better yet, film a walking tour of the house, neighborhood, and interesting areas. Watch the video together.

2. Identify things to look forward to.

The Springfield area has much to offer a family. Spend some time online exploring these:

3. Once you've moved, get involved.

Look for opportunities to meet other families and children. Some good places to start include: a place of worship, YMCA, recreation centers, music and art classes, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and after school groups.

4. Let your child design his or her new room.

Consider a few fun new additions like a wall covered with chalkboard or wipeboard paint. Maybe a new reading nook or baseball card display would be enjoyed.

5. Keep in touch.

Help your child write letters to family and friends left behind. This could be especially fun if he or she has helped pick out or design special stationery or stickers. A quick talk on Skype can also boost spirits.

6. Talk.

Most importantly, keep lines of communication open. Although this can be tricky during adolescence, regular signals to let your teen know you are open and available, can be reassuring enough.

Although change can be difficult for children, there is plenty of opportunity to make the moving experience healthy and positive for everyone. Springfield is a great city! With a little planning, some creativity, and a lot of patience, we think you'll feel right at home in no time.

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